About Us

Mission – "Trusting People who Care"

To provide person-centered care that is effective, reliable, consistent and safe within a good value service that is of an excellent quality through empowering people.

We aim to form lasting relationships with our consumers and purchasers by involving them to make informed choices through sharing information.

We continuously strive to create an environment that people would choose to live in as an alternative lifestyle, and support them to maintain or achieve their maximum potential for good health and well-being.

Philosophy of Care

The Company’s Philosophy of Care aims to provide an excellent standard of quality care in homely environments reflecting an ethos of respect for people by treating them with dignity and ensuring that their right to privacy, safety and security is maintained.

The cornerstone of Trust Care is in establishing a strong relationship between service users and staff through empowerment and upon the creation of a non-institutional regime which enables individuals to lead a fulfilled life.

This is achieved by incorporating the Charter of Service User’s Rights in our care that supports people to reach the highest potential that their conditions permit, physically, socially, emotionally and spiritually.

The Team:

Zameer Deen Chaudhry - CEO

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Personal Profile

Experience: I have been running private companies for 15 years in various business sectors; my main focus has been in the health care sector. 

Qualifications: BBA, MA Honours. 

Role: To head the business financially, acquisitions and strategic development to achieve a successful company, with always maintaining the highest standards.

Interests: I enjoy Charity work, going to the gym,and playing chess.

Favourite quote: “Riches are not from an abundance of worldly goods but from a contented mind.”

Carol Smit - Managing Director

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Personal Profile

Qualifications & experience:

Experience: I trained in South Africa and relocated to United Kingdom in 2001. More than forty years' experience in the health care sector.

Qualifications: RMA; (Dip: IR; RGN; RMN; CHN & Midwife) BA (Cur) Admin; BA (Cur) Edu; MA (Cur)HSM

Role: Directing the business strategically to attain clinical excellence and leading people to face the challenges, the risks and the prospects of what we could collectively achieve by touching people’s lives daily in delivering high standards of quality care.

Interests: Outside of work I am the mother of two wonderful sons and privileged to have great daughters-in-law who have blessed me with three granddaughters, which leaves me with little time for pursuing any other interests besides shopping and spending quality time with the most supportive husband.

Favourite quote: “Our greatest glory consists not in never falling, but in rising every time we fall”.

Chas Milner - Financial Director

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Personal Profile

Qualifications & experience:

Experience: Over 40 years in the accounting sector.

Qualifications: CA ( ACCA Fellow).

Role:  Financial Director, to ensure financial governance in the company.

Interests: Sports, Director of Hampton and Richmond Football Club. Playing Golf, watching cricket and listening to my favourite band The Zombies.

Favourite quote: “Every good act is charity.”

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